CBD VS Copaiba

Everywhere we look, we can find new CBD products for pain. They can be found in the grocery store, gas station, online, etc.

What do we know about CBD? We do know that CBD comes in different strengths and is expensive. Is there a natural option that is better or more cost-effective? Compare the information below to help you decide for yourself. I know my choice.



A botanical, NOT an essential oilAn essential oil
It is an isolated moleculeHas a complete plant chemistry
Provides indirect activity to CB receptorsProvides direct activity to CB receptors
Has to go through a process of activity before it may or may not stimulate receptorsNot dependent on other activities within the body due to the direct response, activity happens quickly
Has Federal regulatory challenges, and a very low number of published studies have been done to date.Legal and has more than 1,000 published studies documenting Copaiba’s influence on the body
PURITY: It is not a pure essential oil, but rather a botanical. Therefore, it is often mixed with something else which in some cases is syntheticPURITY: 100% pure, Copaiba has 4 species blended together
POTENCY: Typically has minimal amounts of CBD levels, that may not be substantial enough to accomplish what it is set out to doPOTENCY: Has high levels (up to 65%) of BCP (Beta-caryophyliene) making it very effective and less than one drop can have dramatic effects
PATHWAY: unknown since it interacts indirectly with the receptorsPATHWAY: due to its direct interaction, scientists know where it is going in the body and its influence
PRICE: Highter than CopaibaPRICE: Very cost effective – $35 wholesale